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The functional kinds of USB cable based on Applicable Industry
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There are many kinds of USB cable,now let us classfy kinds based on the connectors of USB cable: USB AM TO AM,USB AF TO MINI 5pin,USB AM TO MINI 24pin, USB AM TO BM,USB AM TO DC male,USB AM TO Micro 5pin.
USB cable categories based on function:Internet cable;RUU cable;Synchronous cable; Charging cable;Multifunctional cable .

1, Internet cable: can only be used to GPRS or CDMA 1 x to get to the Internet.Typical models: V730 series;V688 series;PHS series.

2, RUU cable: can be used to upgrade flash.Typical models: benq S700;Upgrade to unlock a line.

3, Synchronous cable: used to transfer the phone book;Picture the bell;SMS;Multimedia data, etc., of course, part is the two-way transmission, partial support only one-way transmission.This kind of cable is common.

4, Charging cable: general is Internet access in synchronous line or add a USB charging function, practical convenience, the Internet and text essential functions.Can be further subdivided into take charge and take charge switch two kinds, the former one in charge, the latter has a small switch, can control whether charging.With electric switch of the highest level, of course, the price also more expensive.Recommend a type: CDMA Internet series;Siemens 3508 series.

5, Multifunctional cable: at the same time support Internet, synchronization, flash, charging, etc. The function of two or more than two, samsung's new line and the dual interface, USB sync on the Internet;Serial flash.

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