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Customers don't know how to accounting the price DC line specifications
Release Date:2014-03-28 Views:
Dongguan Junwei Electronics Co., LTD. is a manufacturer, specializing in the production of DC line, the varieties are very many,Junwei Electronic has many potential clients., Someone just know the name of DC cable,but don't know its details.DC cable just mean a wide range.If have no specification,we cannot give offer for clients. what we do when we meet the clients for DC cable but not know the detailed specification?
Many customers are buying DC cable,but don't know the specifications of the cable or how to describe the parameters of some samples.Actually these problems are not very serious.Can ask the customer to send pictures, know what kind of, can also be online consultation to answer one by one to you;For example, you don't know the specifications of the plug we can tell you how to get to the amount or inform on what product we roughly estimate for you, about DC plug;The specifications of the cable, Have a plenty of sector, have a plenty of circular body.If you do not know the specification of the conductors, you can provide the voltage of your products ,then we can estimate which kind can apply! The DC cable is generally not very expensive, the specific price is depends on the order quantity. Small order is available. Hotline:18681054266 Ms.Long.